2021 2nd International Conference on E-Commerce and Internet Technology
Welcome Dr. Qianwen WANG ​from Aisino corporation, China to be Committee Member!


Dr. Qianwen WANG, Aisino corporation, China

Research Area: 

Blockchain technology

Research Experience:

Dr. Wang's major scientific research work includes public key cryptography, digital signatures, provable security, homomorphic encryption, and blockchain. In June 2015, she participated in the Second International Symposium on Cryptography and Cloud Computing Security; in September 2015, participated in the 2015 Academic Conference of the Committee on Cryptographic Mathematics Theory; in August 2016, participated in the 2016 "Cryptography and Practice Frontiers" Youth Forum and gave a report titled "Identity-based Ring Signature System"; In early 2017, the participating National Natural Science Foundation of China "Research on Basic Theory of Anti-quantum Computational Cryptography Based on NP Complete Class Problems" was approved; September 2017, The first author published the article "Conditionally Verifiable Random Functions based on Boolean Access Constraints" in "SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences" (DOI: 10.1007 / s11432-017-9228-6). Participated in the 2019 International Conference on Advanced Algorithms and Control Engineering and published conference papers in 2019. 

An Achieving data exchange cross-chain alliance Protocol (2019 J. Phys .: Conf. Ser. 1213 042037) was included by EI. Article A Comparative Study of Blockchain Consensus Algorithms was accepted by the conference The 2019 International Conference on Frontiers Technology of Information and Computer, published online January 7, 2020 and retrieved by EI.