2021 2nd International Conference on E-Commerce and Internet Technology
Welcome Assoc. Prof. Zhongli He ​from Xin Hua College of Sun Yat-Sen University, China to be Committee Member!


Associate Professor Zhongli He

School of Information Science, Xin Hua College of Sun Yat-Sen University, China

Research Area: 

Automation; Artificial Intelligence; Computer Technology

Research Experience:

Scientific research projects in recent three years:

1.Research on intelligent elevator control system based on Internet of things and information fusion algorithm  No.2017KTSCX215  2018.04

2.Research on Key Technologies of smart grid home energy management system  2018QN010  2019.01

3.Exploration and practice of multi discipline interdisciplinary integration of electrical automation engineering personnel training mode 2018XGK001 2018.09

4.Exploration and practice of upgrading the transformation path of electrical engineering and automation for new economy 2017J049  2018.01

5.Construction of b-iot narrowband IOT laboratory  201802336023, 2018.12

Papers in recent three years:

1.Application of Fuzzy Controller Based on Chaos Optimal Design  2019.06      Journal of Physics  Print ISSN:1742-6588 IOP

2.Development and Application of Gesture Recognition System for Intelligent Robot        2018.11 Materials Science and Engineering ISSN:1757-8981   IOP

3.Research on the teaching of PLC related courses in Higher Vocational Education

---Take Mechatronics as an example.  2017.04  Guangdong Education ISSN1005-1422

4.Thinking and Exploration on the cultivation of "new engineering" talents of electrical automation specialty under the new economic situation 2019.02 Journal of Guangdong Normal University of technology ISSN1672-402X Guangdong Normal University of Technology

5.Research on development method driven by struts 2 model 2018.07 Invention and Innovation ISSN1672-0954

6.Power electronic circuit fault simulation based on Lbaview and Simulink.  2019.06 Modern information technology ISSN: 2096-4706

Patent in recent three years:

1.A desktop manipulator invention 201710090807.2 China.2017.04

2.A notification method and device invention 201710784023. X China.2018.02

3.An elevator notification system utility model zl201721141284.3 China.2017.10

4.A kind of smart car utility model zl201820987206.2 China.2018.06